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International Service for SABIA Analyzers

As of 2021 SABIA has installed over 200 analyzers in 15 countries with an established international footprint. Dedicated service teams in the USA, India and China provide remote support across time zones along with onsite support for installations and yearly...

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SABIA working with KI&S to expand XRF knowledge base

SABIA PGNAA (Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis) calibrations are fine tuned for our customer’s specific materials type(s) being analyzed. This calibration fine tuning is performed on a dynamic basis where laboratory data is compared against online analyzer...

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Upgraded ISO Quality Management Systems

SABIA Quality Management Systems (QMS) upgraded to ISO 9001:2015. Our commitment to produce quality products with better value, better performance, and a better customer experience fits perfectly with ISO methodology. Previously certified under the 9001:2008 standard,...

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PGNAA Raw Mix Control – Growing Industry Standard

CW Research recently reported that in cement plants “more technology-intensive functions such as automation, control and testing are becoming more prominent.” This includes SABIA’s favorite PGNAA cement application, Raw Mix control.The CW report can be found in their...

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SABIA in Fertilizer International

X1-XP OnPipe Slurry Analyzer is featured in the March issue of Fertilizer International. A case study summary block titled "PGNAA boosts phosphate plant efficiency" provides details of the SABIA slurry analyzers installed at a phosphate plant. This slurry case study...

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PGNAA Online Applications for Coal Power

INTRODUCTION As the Father of Total Quality Management, W.E.Deming stated, “One cannot manage what is not measured." The acceptance of PGNAA online analysis is at an all time high, owing to improvements in reliability, performance, and applications software over the...

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Easy Online Analyzer Installation

Installing an online analyzer at your plant may seem like a daunting task. However, it is actually much easier than you may think. SABIA's continued mission of provide our customers better value, better performance, and a better experience have resulted in on-line...