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Advanced Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) Analyzers

Advanced Nucleonics, Electronics, Algorithms, and Software to Improve your Performance

SABIA’s advanced nucleonics, electronics and algorithms provide higher performance — more precise and accurate results for superior process control; advanced software adds valuable features and provides operators with increased flexibility in the operation of the analyzer.

X1-LiNX Reduces Installation, Maintenance and Costs

SABIA’s X1-LiNX PGNAA Analyzer is designed and built to operate for many years in the often harsh conditions found in cement plants, power plants and mining environments. SABIA’s ruggedized electronics eliminate the need for temperature-controlled electronics cabinets required by earlier generations of PGNAA analyzers; only AC power and an Ethernet connection are required. SABIA’s analyzers have no moving parts.

SABIA’s X1-LiNX is designed to be installed directly on the conveyor belt support structure without the need for additional structural engineering. The X1-LiNX can be installed more quickly, at lower cost than older PGNAA analyzers.

Customized Process Control Software

SABIA provides a suite of state-of-the-art software packages for our X1-LiNX analyzers, including cement pile-building and raw mix control software, coal blending, metals and phosphate ore beneficiation, RFID tagging and SAGE artificial intelligence machine learning (A.I.-M.L.) software solutions. SABIA software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your operations.

All the Information You Need — When You Need it

Real-time data analysis is displayed through customizable User Interfaces. All data is stored in quickly accessible, secure historical records.  Secure data files can be accessed by computer, tablet and smartphone via your site network.