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History of SABIA

It is rare to find a company that creates a family atmosphere, while simultaneously maintaining professionalism and buy-in from every employee.
In the 1980s, the founders were part of a team that had the vision to create an extraordinarily complex piece of equipment to give coal manufacturers information about the elemental composition of their product. Today, as a result of this creation, coal mines now have visibility into the purity levels of their product that was never possible before. With a SABIA Analyzer, coal producers can now sell better coal with more consistent quality to power plants. The power plants can then burn cleaner at less cost. Best of all, because of SABIA’s technology, power plants can reduce emissions, and you and I can breathe cleaner air.

The founders created a company and built a great analyzer to accomplish its purpose, and then later sold the company to a larger corporation. But something bothered them; they saw the technology, their baby, stagnate and not achieving the acceptance in the market that they had hoped for. They decided to get the band back together and reignite innovation. Thus, in 2000, SABIA was born.

The first product to launch was the XC-5000 On-Belt Coal Analyzer. This sleek new machine was significantly lighter than the original, and for the first time could be mounted directly onto the conveyor belt instead of on a concrete pad. Costs were greatly reduced thanks to advanced technology and construction. For the first time, a web-based Linux system was included for easy access from the Internet.

In 2004, SABIA Analyzers were put to use in the cement industry. Because of the on-belt methodology, cement plants can perform analysis anywhere along the conveyor. With an analyzer in place at raw mix control, cement plants could now reduce elemental variation, thereby creating higher quality, lower cost cement. What that means for you and me is that quality cement creates quality concrete; quality concrete goes into building stronger and safer structures like high-rise buildings and bridges. But that still wasn’t good enough. Technology continues to march along, and a smart company will march with it.

In 2014, SABIA unveiled the X1-LiNX, the industry’s most innovative analyzer yet. The founders have done it again. This new analyzer features FPGA-based onboard electronics, and a much better signal-to-noise ratio, all of which can now be monitored from the operator’s smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The SABIA X1-LiNX can already be found on three continents. In addition to coal and cement, the X1-LiNX has entered into the nickel and phosphate industries, and are developing applications in biomass and renewable energy.

The Founders, now complemented by a strong team of experts in all aspects of company operations, continue to push forward to provide a better performance, better value, and a better customer experience. SABIA continues to be the leader and innovator in PGNAA technology.