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On-Pipe: X1-XP – A Shift in Thinking

A Revolutionary Approach to Slurry Stream Analysis

SABIA’s X1-XP Slurry PGNAA Analyzer represents a major advance in the elemental analysis of many kinds of slurries compared to conventional elemental analyzers that require sampling systems that are not always reliable and do not always take representative samples from the slurry stream.

SABIA’s X1-XP Analyzer Fits Directly on the Pipe

SABIA’s X1-XP Slurry PGNAA Analyzer mounts on your slurry pipe wherever it needs to be positioned for process control, providing continuous, real-time, nondestructive elemental analysis of all the material in the slurry.  The slurry must have a consistent mass flow rate and should consist of about 30% solids for optimal analyzer performance, but the optimal percentage of solids may vary somewhat depending on the elements of interest and their concentrations in the slurry.

Patented Clam-Shell Design Simplifies Installation

Installation requires a flanged section of approximately 6 ft. (2 m) of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe or a pipe of similar composition for mounting the analyzer. The patented X1-XP Slurry Analyzer fits pipe diameters from 6 to 24 inches (152 to 610 mm). The only connections required are AC power and Ethernet.

Real-time Process Control with SABIA’s PGNAA Analyzers and Standard Process Control Software Can Help You to Reduce Energy Consumption Emissions and Maintenance Costs; Eliminate Unplanned Shutdowns; and Extend the Life of Useable Mineral Reserves.

SABIA offers State-of-the-Art SAGE Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (A.I.-M.L) Software That Can be Used With or Without PGNAA Analysis to Greatly Enhance These Benefits.

Successful Slurry Installations in Gold, Iron, Nickel and Phosphate Ore Beneficiation

Installations in gold, iron, nickel and phosphate mining operations demonstrate the versatility of the X1-XP PGNAA analyzer in improving ore beneficiation for a wide range of mining applications.