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System Integration

SABIA analyzers integrate analysis data seamlessly with the existing PLC or DCS onsite. This allows our customers to not only access analysis data via SABIA’s software interfaces, but also via existing customer control systems. Integration of analysis data allows for quicker process control decisions based on elemental composition information output by the analyzer.

Analysis data can be integrated in many ways, but the most common and flexible solution is via OPC. For example, if you have an Allen Bradley PLC then SABIA can output data speaking ControlLogix so it is readable by your PLC. This is accomplished using KepServerEX software in conjunction with associated communication drivers and LinkMaster software.

SABIA can also directly integrate with 3rd Party Software. This typically requires customers to contract the 3rd Party Software provider to finalize the data handshake with SABIA. For example, SABIA integrates directly with FLS QCX Control Software implementing a REST XML web interface specifically designed for QCX software. Once implemented then FLS must sync analyzer outputs in the control system.

Contact us to learn more about how a SABIA Analyzer can integrate with your existing systems or software.