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Analyzer Upgrade Packages

Low-Cost SABIA Z1-LiNX Upgrades for Old and End-of-Life PGNAA Analyzers

SABIA’s PGNAA Z1-LiNX upgrades provide a cost-effective solution for owners of PGNAA analyzers

  • That are no longer supported by the manufacturer
  • That have rising maintenance costs
  • That have fragile and/or obsolete electronics
  • That run obsolete operating system software
  • That have heating and/or cooling problems
  • That have elevated source replenishment costs
SABIA’s advanced modular design offers upgrade solutions for many older PGNAA analyzers including CBX, CBGN, CBA, ECA, 1812, 3612 and ASYS units. These analyzers can be retrofitted with SABIA’s high-performance detectors, electronics, servers, and software using the existing analyzer installations and radiation shielding for a fraction of the price of a new PGNAA analyzer.