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Better Stockpile Control

Better Control of Stockpile Composition

SABIA’s SOROS 2.0 together with SABIA’s X1-LiNX On-Belt Analyzer provide an ideal solution for better stockpile building to a target composition. The software supports increasingly more sophisticated levels of control, ranging from manual to fully automatic stacker/reclaimer control with feeder-based systems.

Optional Control Drivers

SOROS 2.0 software is flexible and adaptable, providing optional levels of control and control drivers, including:



Control decisions are driven by material type and quality, and the capacity of the storage/pile being built.


Control decisions are driven primarily by material costs.

Offline Mode

Control decisions are made by the Operator using analyzer information. SOROS 2.0 proposes or works towards a pile composition target following Operator adjustments.

Online Mode

SOROS 2.0 controls the process according to control drivers such as chemistry, tonnage, or cost as defined by the Operator. This mode requires PID loop control of raw material feed devices.

SOROS 2.0 A Flexible Tool for Multiple Applications

SOROS 2.0 can also be used together with third party software solutions for receipt monitoring, truck tracking and other related applications. One of the most attractive features of SOROS 2.0 is tagging. Start and end times can be tagged manually or automatically for dump truck and train loads, tonnage, shift changes, flop-gate feedback and other batching requirements. Tags can be grouped to gain group averages or simply to extend observation windows.

Soros 2.0 Manages Stacker/Reclaimer for Better Stockpiles

SOROS 2.0 provides sophisticated inventory management and analysis software to manage stackers/reclaimers for better stockpiles or manage blending of product using a stacker/reclaimer for more sophisticated feeder-based systems. Used successfully in the coal and cement industries, SOROS 2.0 can be easily adapted for use with almost any raw material.

Simple and easy to use, SOROS 2.0 can track multiple material sources and how each affects the stockpile. It can be used in a basic mode in which data from several piles provide the information needed to meet quality objectives, or pile building can be controlled automatically through SOROS 2.0, if appropriate hardware feeds are available.

SOROS 2.0 uses intelligent software algorithms to optimize pile building based on tonnage, average chemistry, target set-points, operating delays, and cost.