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SABIA’s RHEA 2.0 Raw Mix &
Mill Optimization Software

A full-featured Management, Control and Optimization Software Package – Take control of your process!. The following are key packages included in the Raw Mix and Mill Optimization Software

RHEA Administration Platform

This package handles all of the set-up, interface communication, product profile management and generic platform settings. Features include:

  • User-Access-Control management
  • License Management
  • External data interface management
  • Constraints management
  • Alarm and alert management
  • Dashboard Customization and UI management
  • Material Characterization
  • Product Profile management
  • Other platform specific admin features

RHEA resides on SABIA’s Linux server with a scalable robust API-driven database. SABIA has adapted state of the art responsive design for all its user interface features to support any web-enabled device which has secure access to the plant network. RHEA is designed to interface with SABIA or any other PGNAA analyzers, as well as any other smart sensor in the plant network.

RHEA Optimization Manager

The combination of a latest state-of-the-art platform and advanced graphic tools makes RHEA an easy and cost-effective choice. The key features in RHEA. Optimization Manager include:

  • Parallel simultaneous parameter optimization. This allows users to take multiple process control parameters, such as material cost and vendor choice, into consideration for an optimized solution.
  • Auto approximation of individual feeder composition estimates
  • Bias based PID control based on Fuzzy logic.
  • Predictive notifications/alerts to better manage failure scenarios.
  • AI dashboard which monitors anomalies in various parts of the control loop including feeders, weight scales, analyzers and any other sensor directly linked to SABIA data interface manager.
  • Pass-Rate calculator to keep a tab on overall system performance.

RHEA Feed Manager

Fuzzy logic-based adaptive control algorithms replace linear and quadratic equations in feed control to give faster reaction times. This lowers the risk of over-estimating targets, allowing tighter control, and reducing statistical variations in key parameters such as LSF.

Along with improved responsiveness in control signals, Alarms and Alerts are available to notify operators of critical issues in the plant, such as blocked feeders, starvation problems, and can predictively notify operators about any potential problems.

RHEA Analysis Manager

On line raw-material analysis has been SABIA’s area of expertise for decades. The SABIA Analysis Manager can interface with any device commonly used in cement plants through any of our interface suites including PLC, OPC, Rest-Api, Direct Database, Modbus, even Profibus. Unique Configurable UI “Widgets” can be customized to match any desired dashboard page. This enables SABIA to provide relevant and meaningful information to users. Some examples include: Feeder Trends, User Defined Set Point Trends, Analysis Results, Lab Results, DCS Feed Rates, Proposed Feed Rates, Weight % Over Time, and other User Defined Charts.

The platform supports all mathematical models for calculating statistical parameters such as weighted and rolling averages and standard deviations. Historical data is securely saved in a robust database for report generation and statistical analysis.

The platform is available for access from any web-enabled device including desktops, laptops, phones and even tablets as long as they are part of the plant network. Cloud enabled storage and access is also available as an upgrade.

RHEA LAB Manager

The RHEA Lab Manager provides a template to port lab data into SABIA’s data repository. Lab data can be automatically imported using our system drivers which includes PLC/OPC clients, restful-api or through a common file-share approach.
Lab manager enables users to accomplish the following:

  • Import lab data using any custom template
  • Maintain a lab information database.
  • Compare analysis importation with lab-data to effectively gauge preparation-delays, sample delays and any other issues related to lab/analyzer.
  • Multiple bias based closed loop control which includes inner (analyzer) and outer (lab) loops which in some cases leads to automated analyzer calibration.
  • Custom lab-data trends/plots can be made using our dashboard maker.
  • User access control which grants different access rights to users based on their roles.