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CW Research recently reported that in cement plants “more technology-intensive functions such as automation, control and testing are becoming more prominent.” This includes SABIA’s favorite PGNAA cement application, Raw Mix control.

The CW report can be found in their newest World Cement Equipment Market and Forecast indicating that cement plants have an “ever-expanding focus on automation, control, environmental, and testing throughout the production processes to deliver higher efficiency and performance.” SABIA is an established leader in cement plant Raw Mix automation and understands this drive for improved efficiency and performance first hand.

Automated Raw Mix Control using a PGNAA Analyzer has become an industry standard for most modern cement plants and even plants that have already automated this process are looking for improved efficiency with next generation control software using advanced control algorithms. Read more about cement quality HERE.

In a Raw Mix Control process, SABIA’s onbelt (aka crossbelt) PGNAA Analyzer is installed after the raw material feeders and before the raw mill as depicted in the basic diagram below. The Analyser continuously measures 100% of the cement raw mix as it passes through the analyser. Using the online material composition data our RHEA Raw Mix Control Software then sends closed-loop control signals to the raw material feeders to automatically make feeder adjustments in order to meet product set points (LSF, C3S, KH, IM,SM, etc) and significantly reduce material variations. As the material compositions changes due to quarry variations and raw material impurities RHEA accordingly makes adjustments to ensure the mix stays on target.

SABIA will continue to provide better performance, better value, and a better customer experience by further improving raw mix efficiency for all our cement customers. We welcome new plants ready to make technological advancements and greet modern plants with existing automation looking to improve operations even further.