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As of 2021 SABIA has installed over 200 analyzers in 15 countries with an established international footprint. Dedicated service teams in the USA, India and China provide remote support across time zones along with onsite support for installations and yearly maintenance visits. SABIA analyzers also have service available from teams located in  Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Turkey, South Africa and Thailand.

When considering a maintenance contract for any PGNAA Cross Belt, On Belt, or On Pipe Analyzer it is important to pay attention to the following details:

  • Supply of Parts
  • Onsite Labor
  • Cf-252 Replenishment
  • Cf-252 Leak Tests
  • Remote Support
  • Software Support
  • Training
  • End User Response Time

SABIA is committed to continued growth of our international footprint to ensure that all SABIA analyzers will provide Better Performance, Better Value, and a Better Experience for our customers.