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SABIA PGNAA (Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis) calibrations are fine tuned for our customer’s specific materials type(s) being analyzed. This calibration fine tuning is performed on a dynamic basis where laboratory data is compared against online analyzer results. For cement and other material types this lab analysis is typically performed by XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence). An optimal PGNAA dynamic calibration can be implemented when the XRF analyzer has been properly maintained, samples are representative of the material seen by the PGNAA analyzer, and the sampling times are synchronized with online analysis times.

Because proper lab analysis results are so important to SABIA Analyzer performance we are now working with KI&S (Kiss Industrial & Scientific) to expand SABIA’s knowledge base about XRF and also provide our customers access to some of the best XRF resources available.

KI&S provides support and equipment sales to “Mission Critical” analytical process control environments for routine analysis and R&D applications in a variety of industry sectors. Founded on customer support in 1988, KI&S has the largest and most experienced team of X-Ray specialists in Thailand and works in all ASEAN countries. Over the years KI&S has gained an enviable reputation as a reliable high quality service provider with many major companies and this reputation resulted in referral to other world leading equipment suppliers such as FLSmidth Automation, SICK Maihak, In-Process Instruments, and SABIA Inc. In addition to an expert service team, KI&S maintains an extensive library of spare parts for most XRF/XRD laboratory analyzers. They also work with Lab Automation, Control Networks, Sample Preparation, and a wide variety of analyzer types (PGNAA, Gas, Dust, etc).

Contact Kiss Industrial & Scientific to learn more about their many reference sites in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Visit their website to read more about their service offerings for installation, preventative maintenance, breakdown maintenance, part supply, training, instrument calibration, and calibration maintenance.