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Two of the key performance indicators that can be provided by a SABIA analyzer are moisture and Gross Calorific Value (GCV). GCV is of course affected by moisture, so reliable moisture data is critical and must be provided on line for the best results. More information about GCV can be found HERE.

SABIA is unique in the analyzer world in the fact that the X1-LiNX can reliably provide total moisture data, taking into account not just surface moisture but the inherent moisture of the coal itself, combined into one. This is a much preferred way to provide information on moisture because is it more complete and, unlike the lab, can deliver results very quickly, on line, and without any human intervention.

In the on-line analyzer world, calorific value is a calculated value. Therefore the accuracy or your measurement, as well as the calculations used, are both critical in achieving the best possible results. Fortunately SABIA excels in both areas. The new X1-LiNX has unprecedented accuracy due to next generation low noise electronics and world-class detection algorithms.

The SABIA R&D group has developed a proprietary, state of the art methodology of calculating GCV for coal at an accuracy of 100 kc/kg. This accuracy can be maintained over a large range of coal values and under a broad range of conditions.

If GCV and moisture are important to you, contact us at sales@sabiainc.com and we will be glad to discuss how this improved performance can help you. Click the links below to learn more.

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