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A respected power industry consultant once told me that in a power plant, it is really all about the boiler. This is the source of the heat and the user of the biggest line item in the budget, fuel. Many plants are under pressure to burn cheaper fuel because of this, while still meeting tough emissions regulations.

Clearly, the more you know about your fuel, the better. This is why it can be a great advantage to have the information provided by a SABIA X1-LiNX on-line elemental analyzer. SABIA analyzers can provide on-line, up to the minute information on things like ash, moisture, sulphur content and heat value(CV/BTU).

Even small changes in heating value can affect many things. Fuel/air ratio must be optimized. Boiler temp can change, causing slagging or fouling in the worst case, and a reduction in output in the best. Changes in ash levels can have the same effect, and in addition can affect emissions as they leave the stack.

Lab tests can tell you a lot, but inherently they have flaws. First, by definition they are a sample. Coal is by nature heterogeneous and can change quickly, particularly moisture, which of course changes with the weather. A lot can happen while you are waiting for lab results.

Information from a SABIA X1-LiNX analyzer can help you manage

  • Boiler efficiency
  • Environmental regulations
  • Coal blending
  • Derates
  • Unplanned shutdowns
  • Extending periods between scheduled shutdowns
  • Slagging
  • Profitability

Better coal quality means better performance for you. For more information about the SABIA X1-LiNX, click on the below links or contact us at online@sabiainc.com

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