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X1-XP OnPipe Slurry Analyzer is featured in the March issue of Fertilizer International.

A case study summary block titled “PGNAA boosts phosphate plant efficiency” provides details of the SABIA slurry analyzers installed at a phosphate plant. This slurry case study is part of an article titled “Phosphate Process Analyzers” which offers an educated description of various technologies used for phosphate analysis including operational benefits.

“With lab test delays, you’re running your flotation process, acid reactor, or mining operation blind.”

“Now able to eliminate the 12 hour lag time they previously had to validate the process and call decisions.”

“For a typical beneficiation plant, an improvement in P2O5 recovery of just 2%, for example, can deliver annual savings of half a million dollars….”

“Reject high MgO rock could potentially improve phosphate company profits by $5.9 million…based on a production level of 1.9 – 2.0 million tonnes…”

“Pay for itself within 2 – 4 months… due to improvements in product quality and reductions in water, flotation agent, and energy consumption.”

“Earlier identification of problems saves time and money, whether at the cyclone, flotation cell, or screening stage.”

SABIA’s patented X1-XP design mounts directly are the slurry pipe to provide a complete elemental analysis of 100% of the material stream. Using PGNAA (Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis) to measure 100% of the material stream, operators gain visibility into their process that is not possible with online sample based technologies.

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