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SABIA’s involvement with SME (Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration) has helped us learn more about how PGNAA analyzers can benefit new customers. In turn we educate others on what is now possible with modern PGNAA technology. Look for SABIA’s booth, slurry project profiles, and presentations at the next SME Event you attend.

SME events have unique themes that resonate with SABIA’s culture including “Mining for Life”, The Future for Mining in a Data Driven World”, and “Creating Value in a Cyclical Environment.” SABIA understands that mining is the backbone of society and our online slurry analyzers provide the data required to create additional value in today’s mining environment. As a global leader in PGNAA Technology, SABIA continuously strives to provide better performance, better value, and a better customer experience.


Online Elemental PGNA Slurry Analyzers are revolutionizing mineral and metallurgy applications that never before had near real-time visibility into of their entire material flow. This is made possible with SABIA’s patented X1-XP On-Pipe Analyzer which mounts directly around a slurry pipe and performs even better then traditional crossbelt analyzers. Being installed online, the analyzer sees 100% of the slurry flow. It also has no moving parts, which eliminates the maintenance associated for traditional PGNAA sample based slurry analyzers.

New online PGNAA slurry applications in phosphate, nickel, copper, gold, SOP, iron ore, and calcium carbonate are only the beginning. SABIA is honored to guide innovative companies in the implementation of proven online PGNAA analyzers and help them improve operational efficiency. We will continue to push PGNAA to new levels and work with engineers around the world to make their process control visions a reality.

SABIA Online Analyzers provide “What You Need To Know” by giving operators the data needed to efficiently control beneficiation and flotation processes.

What could you achieve with greater visibility of your process?