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Installing an online analyzer at your plant may seem like a daunting task. However, it is actually much easier than you may think.

SABIA’s continued mission of provide our customers better value, better performance, and a better experience have resulted in on-line analyzers that can be installed quickly so you can be up and running with limited downtime to your operations.

X1 Series Analyzer: On-belt analyzers light enough to be installed directly on the conveyor stringers. Compared to traditional cross-belt analyzers which were very heavy and required a separate support structure to mount the analyzer on. The X1 Series frame/shielding is custom built for each customers specific conveyor dimensions. The modular design allows easy installation in tight spaces. See the video below showing how this analyzer is installed.

X1-XP Series Analyzers: On-pipe analyzers mounted directly around a slurry pipe. Compared to traditional PGNAA slurry analyzers which were sample based and rely on a multiplexer. The X1-XP patented design allows for an easy installation as the frame/shielding consists of two halves bolted together around the pipe. See the video below showing how this analyzer is installed.

LiNX Electronics: Integrated on-belt electronics inside the analyzer. Compared to traditional PGNAA electronics which required a climate controlled cabinet adjacent to the analyzer. The patented LiNX design only requires a power cord and a signal cable connected to the site network. This allows for an easy installation by eliminating the need for an climate controlled cabinet with all the associated cables, routing, labor, and costs.

Field Service Engineer (FSE): On site for every analyzer installation. They supervise physical installation of the analyzer frame/shielding on the belt or pipe, install the electronics, establish communications, train site personal, and start calibrations.

Network Operations Center (NOC): Remote support for every analyzer installation. SABIA’s NOC supports our engineers during installation and support our customers during calibration, system synchronization, and continued operations under service contract.

Watch the videos below and contact us if you would like any additional information about installing SABIA Online Analyzers

SABIA understands how valuable your time is and online analyzer installation is easy for all applications including limestone stockpiles, cement raw mix, coal mining, coal cleaning, bulk material loadout, phosphate run of mine, mineral beneficiation, advanced flotation, closed loop automation control, or quality monitoring.