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We all know what computers were like 10 years ago. Some of us might even be cursed with using one of those 10 year-old computers, particularly one running Windows. This was part of the thinking when SABIA upgraded our X1-LiNX electronics based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. We wanted our analyzer to be better, to be as fast and as easy to use as your smartphone.
Smaller, fewer connections, happy in all temperature extremes, sealed against dust, shielded against vibration, blindingly fast, low noise. All X1-LiNX Electronics are on board, with no air conditioners or air-conditioned rooms required. All you need is AC power and Ethernet.

It runs on a rock-solid Linux operating system, proven in years of field use, but on top of that, it runs a state of the art control and sequencing system built on the best of the current state of the art technology. Easy to use, easy to change, easy to customize to meet your needs. This is as good as it gets today.

Do you want direct access to your data? We can do that. An on board OCP database allows us to store all the data, even the data that you were not looking for originally, for years. You can apply our analytical tools or use your own. We can feed direct to your in house system, or parse the data through a PLC. Want to be more connected? We can email you if something changes in the data you need to know about. We can send data to your phone. As the first truly web based analyzer, we can get you what you need when and where you need it.

Want to learn more? Click on the link below, or contact us as online@sabiainc.com

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