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X1-L Sample Analyzer

A Versatile Bulk Elemental Sample Analyzer for Mineral Ores, Coal, Cement and other Sample Types

SABIA’s X1-L PGNAA Elemental Analyzer uses the same high-performance gamma-ray detectors and electronics as our X1-LiNX on-belt analyzers to quickly measure the elemental composition of bulk samples of a wide range of materials.

Rapid, Reliable Operation

SABIA’s X1-L provides rapid elemental analysis of a 1-gallon (3.8 l) bulk sample in as little time as 5 minutes with no sample preparation required. Built-in radiation shielding in the X1-L analyzer exceeds all nuclear regulatory safety standards.

Easy Access to Data

The Xl-L comes standard with the same advanced data management software used with SABIA’s X1-LiNX On-Belt Analyzers. Real-time and historical data can be accessed and displayed via computers, tablets and smartphones connected to your network.


SABIA’s X1-L’s rugged construction can withstand harsh industrial environments — the XL-L can be operated near the rock face in an underground mine, in a quarry or in a laboratory; only AC power and Ethernet connections are required.