Ask the LiNX – Cf-252: Is More Really Better?

Dear LiNX,

I have heard that other analyzers use more Californium than you. Isn’t more Cf-252 better? I mean, I want the bigger motor in my car? Isn’t more Californium like more power? More power is always better. Yes, more power. Excellent……

Mr. Burns. – Springfield Illinois

Ask LiNX Cf-252

Mr. Burns,

It is true that, more Cf-252 will give you more counts, which might be roughly analogous to more power. The problem in this case is why you need more power. If these extra counts are at a poor signal to noise ratio, it just means you get more noise along with your signal. It is like tuning to hear a very faint radio signal. Turning up the volume just gives you more static. If you buy a huge pickup truck, it needs more power and therefore fuel to haul it’s enormous weight around than say, a small sports car. Both of them will get you from point A to point B, but one of them costs you a lot more.

Our founders are passionate about giving you better performance, better value and a better experience, and one of the ways they do that is that I am designed to use Cf-252 more efficiently, providing equal or better accuracy and precision with less Californium. This saves you money when you buy the analyzer and on every replenishment afterwards. Why buy more than you need? Particularly when it does not produce better results. This is one of the many ways that SABIA is a better value.

Burns, I am a little worried about this whole lust for power thing you seem to have going. Maybe you should see someone.