Ask the LiNX – Belt Loading and Sensitivity

484 Nov 1 Stopped belt test (8)Dear LiNX,

We are considering PGNA technology to improve our cement plant processes, but we have difficulty maintaining even belt loading. We hear PGNA can be sensitive to this. Is there anything we can do? Also I seem be overly sensitive. Last week I broke down crying when a feeder jammed. Please help!

Tiani, – South Africa



Dear Tiani,

I understand. Feeders can be mean, vindictive things. I could tell you stories, but that is for another time. Hang in there dear.

You heard right though. All PGNA analyzers, regardless of brand, work better with an even belt load. There are a few things you can do to help improve your belt loading. You can install a variable speed drive on the belt in question and steady the feed that way. Surge hoppers at transfer points can do a lot to even out the load.

However all of these cost money, and wouldn’t it be better if the analyzer was just less sensitive? Our founders think so. They have recently been doing a lot to support me in this area.

FPGA electronics, new algorithms, and updated nucleonics are coming together in me to allow greater flexibility than ever before. You would be surprised at what I can take now and still keep providing great data. So dry your tears, and let’s get to work!