Global Cement PGNAA Interview

SABIA CEO Tom Dannemiller discusses PGNAA Elemental Analyzers with Robert McCaffrey from Global Cement Magazine.

Global Cement recently published a interview about SABIA’s capabilities and services for the cement sector. You can read this discussion starting on page 30 of their Feb 2018 issue which is live on their website HERE.

Questions consist of a variety of subjects covering “What You Need To Know” about how SABIA provides Better Value, Better Performance, and a Better Customer Experience:

  • SABIA’s history of innovation
  • How a smaller and lighter analyzer is possible
  • Getting better signal with less Cf-252 source
  • Using digital signals for less noise
  • Cement applications: Raw Mix Automation, Stockpile Building, Kiln Fuel Coal Analysis, and Alternative Fuels
  • How better performance is more than just numbers
  • Cement Industry 4.0 with the Internet Of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • How to save cement plants a lot of money

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Global Cement PGNAA Analysis