SABIA Presentation at China Cement Network, Cement Energy Saving Conference

Come see SABIA at China Cement Network’s 5th China Conference on Cement Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange on October 24-27th.

China Cement Network 2017

China Cement Network 2017

Keep an ear out for SABIA’s presentation on “Energy Savings with RHEA and IoT” being presented by Paul Iverson and Tingyong Yan.

Sponsored by the China Cement Network, “China’s cement energy conservation and environmental protection technology exchange conference” together with Conch, China Union and other industry leaders, has been successfully held for 4 years. Its purpose being to actively promote the role of enhancing the level of energy-saving emission reduction in the cement industry and to accelerate the transformation of green and low-carbon in the industry. In response to the industry’s new energy-saving environmental protection situation, Ben Wang will be held on October 25-26 in Luoyang, Henan, “2017 Fifth China Cement Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference.” The meeting will focus on the “zero power consumption zero pollution gold riche 100 billion endangered market”, inviting leaders of relevant state departments, well-known experts and cement enterprises, research institutes, cement service providers, environmental protection on how to produce energy and environmental protection technology , Equipment R & D applications and other issues in-depth discussion.

The conference will take place on October 24-27th with the formal meetings being on the 25th and 26th.  According to the China Cement Network website, some topics of the conference will be:

  1. The new sewage permit system on the cement industry to the impact of environmental protection to production capacity
  2. Application of Steam Driving Technology in Cement Kiln System and Analysis of Economic Benefit
  3. Steam drive technology in Xin’an Zhonglian cement application experience sharing
  4. Cement kiln firing system zero power consumption (outsourcing power is zero) feasibility study
  5. Cement kiln synergistic disposal of various types of waste technology path and economic benefits analysis
  6. Cement kiln co-disposal of hazardous waste market status and prospects analysis
  7. Cement production automation, intelligent solutions
  8. Grate cooler, burner, fan motor, refractory and other applications to effectively reduce energy consumption practice case sharing
  9. To improve the cement kiln pure low temperature waste heat power generation application technology program
  10. Ultra low emission – dust, NOX, SO2 and other pollutants comprehensive management solutions
  11. To enhance the operating efficiency of equipment and reduce the power consumption of the lubrication system selection
  12. Ceramic ball in the ball mill on the energy-saving applications and product selection criteria
  13. The new aggregate equipment to boost the cement industry extension

More information about the China Cement Network conference can be found HERE