Ask The LiNX — What Are the Costs For PGNAA?

Dear LiNX,

We are considering adding PGNAA to our control system to improve our process stability. How much should I be thinking of spending on this type of project? I am also concerned about the stability of my manager, as he seems to be just a little obsessed with this issue.

-Greta, Switzerland


1Dear Greta

The key to a successful analyzer project is to know that there is a risk that the cost of installing and analyzer can be more than the actual price of the unit itself. Key things to consider are as follows:

Construction cost: Insure that your analyzer does not require any additional construction. Do you need to build a concrete pad for the analyzer to be placed? Do you need to reinforce you conveyer? These things are not needed for a SABIA X1-LiNX. How about an air-conditioned room or space for the electronics? Again this is not necessary for a LiNX.

Downtime: How long does it take to install your analyzer? Do you need to cut the belt or stringer? The X1-LiNX is designed to be installed quickly with a minimum of belt down time. Some units have been installed in less than a day.

Cabling: Do you need expensive analog cabling to set up your analyzer? Then you are buying the wrong one. The X1-LiNX needs only a power cord and and Ethernet. It can even be accessed using WiFi!

I hope this helps in showing you that there is more to the cost of an analyzer than just the analyzer.

Regarding your manager: I am a machine that is working 24/7 monitoring process stability. Are you trying to say that is not normal? What could be more fascinating than cement chemistry? Really. I’m serious. What else is there? A day at the beach? Really?