Service Contracts

Analyzer Service Contracts

SABIA offers a service plan designed to maximize ongoing instrument and software performance for your analyzer system.  Our service contracts provides our customer with a program of routine semi-annual on-site service visits, plus non-scheduled remote diagnostics and on-site visits when needed.  Our service agreements are all-inclusive of replacement components, travel costs, calibration engineering, nuclear regulatory compliance items, problem resolution, guaranteed onsite response time, and training of your employees on the hands-on of operation of the system.

Included with Service Contracts:

  • Maintenance of Equipment in Operating Order – The SABIA price for the service agreement includes all labors necessary to maintain the analyzer in proper working condition.
  • Semi-Annual Site Visits – SABIA engineers will visit the site of each analyzer at least 2 times per year to perform routine service. Our engineer will perform a detailed systems checkup, verify proper operation of computers, installed network and PLC interfaces, electronics checkout, leak testing and inventory of nuclear sources and documentation related to service visit.
  • Nuclear Regulatory Compliance – SABIA will perform nuclear source leak tests at intervals required by law. For Cf-252 nuclear isotopes in the United States, this is every 6 months.  SABIA will generate required documentation and furnish a copy to RSO.
  • Isotope Source Replenishment Labor – SABIA will keep track of isotope source strength in the analyzer and notify the site when a replenishment is due. The cost of the nuclear source replenishment is not included in the service agreement. However, the labor to install them is included.
  • Problem Resolution – SABIA will work to identify and resolve issues with the analyzer(s) including diagnosis via remote computer data access.
  • Performance Verification – SABIA will work with you to verify that the analyzer continues to meet performance specifications.
  • Supply of Parts – SABIA will be responsible for keeping the unit in proper operating condition which includes repair and/or replacement of any failed component provided by SABIA in the original analyzer system. Including all components with SABIA end of signal input and output, detectors, computer peripherals, software operating system updates and analyzer maintenance updates.

Other Services Provided:

SABIA provides service for all makes and models of PGNAA analyzers and fixed nuclear gauges.

  • Nuclear Source Replenishments
  • Retro-fit of all legacy analyzers systems including Gamma-Metrics, Thermo-Fisher, Asys, and Scantech.
  • Leak Testing, inventory, and radiation surveys for all nuclear gauges.
  • Commissioning and Decommissioning of fixed gauges.
  • RSO & Manufacturers Users Training and Radioactive Material Licensing Assistance

Please contact SABIA directly for information and a personalized quote for your nuclear instrumentation needs.

Service Contracts

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