Spotlight: SABIA’s New Manufacturing Facility

IMG_0739Last month, I was able to make my first visit up to our new manufacturing facility in Idaho Falls. Terry Burke manages the facility, working alongside Trever Burke, Micah Jordin and our newest employee, Shane Bailey. They build and test the frame and shielding for each analyzer we ship. In 2014, we moved the guys into a brand new building on the outskirts of Idaho Falls.

The building is located in a professional business park, next to International Isotope, Qual-tec (who does our meter calibrations) and The State of Idaho Department of Fish and Game, many of which were participating in an organized run around the neighborhood. It is also close to many of our vendors, making shipping and quality control checks even easier.

When you walk into the building, there is a foyer leading to two very nice offices; one for Terry and one for Trever, Micah and Shane to share. Terry has his recently earned MBA diploma hung proudly on the wall to his office. Just outside his office are stairs leading up to an open second floor. It is currently being used for storage, but we discussed the possibility of moving the production of standards to the upstairs area. Back downstairs, you follow along a hallway and the radiation signs to get to the warehouse, where the real work is done. The new warehouse is bright and clean, offering stations for each of the processes to maintain efficiency and accuracy in all that we do. There were two analyzers assembled on the floor, waiting for final testing before they are packed and crated to be sent to a customer. Two additional analyzers were in various spots in the assembly phase, so I was able to witness everything in action. With the space offered in the building, along with the organization of the process, we are now able to build up to 8 analyzers at a time. Our old building maxed out at 4 analyzers. It is a very nice open floor plan, with foam insulation to maintain a constant comfortable temperature. I am proud to report that we have one slick facility in Idaho Falls!

Before I left, I asked Terry what his favorite part of the new building was and he said it was definitely the size of the warehouse. But he also pretty excited about his automatic garage door opener for the warehouse’s roll-up door.