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X1-LiNX Software solutions embody the values of the company. Every day, we are constantly striving for

  • Better Performance,
  • Better Value
  • Better Experience.

X1-LiNX software is a fresh start in many ways, newly written using state of the art platforms that allow for maximum flexibility and easy customization. SABIA analyzers allow for easy access to all of your data all of the time.

  • Do you need multiple different screens for operators, managers, engineers? We can do that.
  • Do you want alerts sent to your cell phone? We can do that.
  • Do you need on board data analysis accessible for anywhere on the net? We can do that.
  • Do you want analysis results from a year ago in seconds? We can do that.
  • Do you want to see it in mauve and teal? We can do that.



The heart of the analyzer is the HELIOS System Monitor.This application keeps track of system health, runs the nuts and bolts of the analyzer and most importantly, manages your data. Helios keeps all of your data and backs it up for years. Even if you did not originally track it.

State of the art architecture allows for fast analysis and flexible display of your data on any device including tablets and smartphones. Multiple logins allow for information to be customized for multiple users. Simple, powerful, easy to use.







SABIA can provide sophisticated inventory management and analysis software to improve the consistency of your stockpile pile, whether it be coal, limestone, or any other material. SOROS can either manage blending of product using a stacker/reclaimer for more sophisticated feeder based systems.

Simple and easy to use, SOROS can track multiple material sources and how each affects your stockpile. Straightforward data outputs can track information from several piles and provide the information you need to improve your quality.







RHEA is the first time that modern state of the art software tools have been applied to this very popular analyzer application. All of the strengths of HELIOS show themselves here for the user. Easy to use, customizable user interface, fast and simple set up, and high capacity data processing make RHEA an effective tool for improving the quality of your raw mix.

Software is designed for to be simple to use and modify, enabling you as the customer to use and continue to optimize the system independently without expensive future consulting visits. Rhea allows you to get started quickly and easily, and continues to add value.


Fully Automated Fuel Blending

RHEA is a fully automated blending system that optimizes the fuel sent to the power plant. RHEA can blend from an unlimited number of coal yard feeders to an unlimited number of boiler blend specifications to minimizing fuel the cost and optimizing emissions. With advanced process control algorithms, RHEA increases plant profitability by delivering the right fuel blend at the right time all the time.
RHEA seamlessly interfaces with your existing control system and operator consoles to automatically achieve target coal qualities, product splits and flow rates in the coal handling system.


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