But I Already HAVE An X-ray (XRF) Machine!!

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a highly effective method of analyzing elemental composition of materials. It is very accurate. So, you may be wondering, why should I consider buying a Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation (PGNA) analyzer?

I’m glad you asked.

The trouble with XRF

 The process of analyzing with XRF begins and ends with a sample, which is pulled at predetermined intervals. The sample is put into a machine that crushes it into a powder. The powder is then moved to another machine where it is compressed into a disc that looks somewhat like a hockey puck. The hockey puck is then moved to the XRF machine and inserted into it for analysis. After about 15 minutes you have a very accurate elemental analysis of the hockey puck.

Trouble #1: Total time from belt to analytical readout: 1 hour to a day or more.

Let’s say, for example, that the XRF sample reveals that you need to adjust the iron feeder upward. You do so… but wait. You take a sample of the adjusted material and it reveals hours later that you have way too much iron! Why? Because in the time between taking the initial sample and analyzing the subsequent sample, the material composition has changed.

Trouble #2: Is the sample always good?

Most likely, it is not. How can the hockey puck possibly represent the tons of material flying by every minute? Your analysis is only as good as the sample, so if it’s off, it’s very possible that the mix from the feeders is off too. You are constantly chasing your tail to catch up.

How to stop chasing your tail in raw mix control with the SABIA X1-LiNX

The key is it is on-belt. PGNA analysis is on-going, so you have all of the information, all the time. Has the elemental makeup of material suddenly shifted? You can respond to changes right away. So instead of winding up with a pile of dirt, you have quality cement.

With the SABIA X1-LiNX On-belt Analyzer, you are not tied to a control room. Our raw mix control software will send a notification to your smart phone or tablet when there is a change, so you can respond within minutes, not hours or days. Less variation in your final product means better quality control for you, and ultimately, better profitability

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