Analyzer Buyers Need to Know These 5 Things

Dear Analyzer Buyers,

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It’s not Rocket Science

But it is nuclear physics. With over 140 years of analyzer experience, 35 patents, and too many degrees to count, our development team has been there and done that. With many of the key developments in analyzer technology to their credit, we can do things that others can’t. The SABIA team has developed a machine that has the best technology, and we are doing applications today that others have deemed impossible.

Watching your Weight

Today, you can buy a 12,000kg, a 5,000kg, or a 1500kg analyzer. Why is that? It’s the technology.

Non Cf-252 analyzers require extremely high amounts of shielding. Not only do you have to figure out how to support 12,000kg on a conveyer, you may have to build a fence around it.

5000kg analyzers use older technology. These technologies require a higher quantity of Cf-252 source. More source requires more shielding.

SABIA analyzers weigh in at a svelte 1500-1800kg. Our more advanced technology requires us to use less Cf-252 source and thus less shielding.

Why do you care? – Cost

Of course if you use less material, the analyzer costs less, and we can pass that on to you. Not all analyzer costs live in the analyzer. The SABIA X1-LiNX can be installed directly to the conveyer with no additional reinforcement or modifications. There is no cutting of the conveyors, no more concrete support, no more additional steel. That is it.


Care and Feeding of Your Data

The whole point of having an analyzer is to provide you with the operating data that you need to improve your operations. We had that in mind when developing the X1-LiNX. State of the art scheduling and database software captures all the data all the time. Easy to use customizable display technology allows us to easily create the display and output that meets your needs… no matter how many different needs you have.

X1-LiNX even keeps the data you thought you would not need until you realize that you do. Yes, we can do that.


Cables are Evil

X1-LiNX has integrated electronics. This eliminates the need to run cables from your analyzer to its support electronics cabinet, because there are none. Ruggedized electronics eliminate the need for heating and air conditioning, either in the analyzer or remote from it. Look for only 2 cables, AC power and Ethernet. Period.

Why do you care? – Cost

Again, not all analyzer costs live in the analyzer. Additional cables equal additional costs, additional noise, additional maintenance additional installation time and headaches. Cables are evil.


Screwdrivers Wanted

Really the only thing you want from an analyzer is data, all the time without fail. We had that thought in mind constantly when developing the X1-LiNX.

The X1-LiNX has no moving parts, no consumable parts, and only 3 field replaceable parts. Our remote monitoring allows us to remotely troubleshoot issues from our San Diego factory, (or our technology center in Delhi, or from other field locations in your time zone) and if needed send a service person, with the right part. His tool kit consists of a screwdriver. That and a laptop are the only tools needed to work on an X1-LiNX.

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