The Founders

Clinton Lingren — Chairman

Clint-LingrenMr. Lingren is one of the founders of SABIA and was also a founder of what is now Thermo Gamma-Metrics in 1980 and of Aurora Technologies (name changed to Digirad Corporation) in 1991. Prior to founding Gamma-Metrics, he was Manager of the Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Department of General Atomics where he directed the development of the world’s first all-digital radiation-monitoring system for nuclear power plants. At Gamma-Metrics he directed development of nuclear instrumentation and of the world’s first commercial PGNAA bulk material analyzer. He later focused on nuclear reactor instrumentation with total profit/loss responsibility and introduced that product line into Europe and Asia. At Digirad he held the post of Senior Vice President, directed development of the world’s first all-solid-state gamma camera for nuclear medicine, and handled intellectual-property and regulatory issues. He holds sixteen issued patents and has others pending.


Steve Foster — Chief Nuclear Technologist

In 1999, Mr. Foster founded his highly successful Nuclear Instrument Services Company, which formed the basis for SABIA’s customer services. He worked at Gamma-Metrics the prior 16 years where he filled the positions of Project Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Director of Field Service, and Product Manager for their Fast Lab instrument. At Gamma-Metrics he became an expert in bulk-material analyzer applications for cement, coal, and other minerals. Prior to joining Gamma-Metrics he played a key role at General Atomics in developing a system for fully automated production of nuclear fuel for High Temperature Gas Cooled Nuclear Power Reactors and was also Project Manager for Digital Radiation Monitoring Systems (DRMS) for nuclear power plants. Mr. Foster holds four patents.


James F. Miller — Sr. Vice President

A founder of Gamma-Metrics, Mr. Miller directed electronic design and development, nuclear licensing and safety analyses from 1980 to 1999. He had primary technical responsibility for the electronics of most of the instruments developed in the division in which he worked during his 11 years at General Atomics and 19 years at Gamma-Metrics. His experience includes all aspects of development and design of instrumentation and control systems, process-control systems, high-speed, digital- and analog-data-acquisition systems, analog- and microprocessor-based safety and control systems for nuclear reactors, and analysis instrumentation. That experience also includes elimination of EMI and RFI in highly noisy environments and verification and validation of software for nuclear safety systems. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in electrical engineering and nuclear engineering and a Senior Member of IEEE. He holds five patents and is a member of the International Editorial Board, Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1999.



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